Please don't tell me

Few places more dangerous than our home?

John Muir quote at Logan Pass


In the lower 48, Grizzly Bears only roam four states.

As recently as a few decades ago, Grizzly Bears only roamed Glacier National Park.

Grizzlies and humans are a dangerous mix.

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Journey On

Why does nature inspire spirituality?

Family in front of West Glacier sign


The final photograph from last year’s Summer vacation to Glacier National Park.

Cheryl is staying in Orlando this time.

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Dear Boomers

Boomers, we are given signs all the time

Dog food tossed into trash can


(photo above: One week supply of dog food never used)


Dog food tossed into trash can


(photo above: It was difficult and easy at the same time)


Sanibel Island tourist trash can


(photo above: Our Resort had communal trash cans for all the cottages)

The trip to Glacier Park was ‘mentally’ a go long before Cooper’s passing.

The courage to confirm the Montana trip was put off until it was literally too late.

Cooper actually inspired the courage to ‘just do it’.

Boomers, we are given signs all the time.

Read them.

Act on them.

More than we currently do.


It will set us on fire.

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Journey On

Is the Crown of our Continent disappearing?

Heaven on Earth. The Crown of the Continent. And it’s disappearing.

Begging the question, “Who cares?”

The analogy we might be drawn to is this – could our biggest dreams be the crown of our life?

And if our greatest dreams disappeared, would anyone care?



The video is 50+ minutes long. Not expecting anyone to watch it.

Then why include it?

Because it’s inspiring.

And someone will watch it.

And they’ll be grateful it was found, and offered.

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