Sometimes, friends nearby will say to me, “Showoff.” At Gold’s Gym one time, Joe said, “You intimidate people.” “What are you talking about, Joe”, I asked, confused and astonished. He said, “You intimidate people. Because you’re gifted.” Come to find out he was referring to my physical fitness appearance. I told Joe “The only gift […]

Stream Of Consciousness

November 10, 2009 9:30AM (exactly) Dropped our son off at school Late work schedule today – morning free Sitting in my 20 year-old car, Macbook Pro on my lap Back seat, door open, windy day Z88.3 medium loud on the radio Contemporary Christian Music – “Safe for the little Ears” Please pray for Kevin DeGiamamrino, […]

World Class Hope?

jeff on Wednesday is wondering what it would take to have World Class Hope. Do you know? Do you know what it takes to be world-class at any endeavor? Any suggestions? Last May, I was at the gym in Orlando, Florida when I had the opportunity to ask Tiger Woods a similar question. So […]