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Polebridge Mercantile’s front porch door.


TGIGF: Thank God It’s Good Friday!

How cool is that?!

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Why Be Thankful?


Why be thankful?

Why not?

Why not be thankful? I mean, for everything.

Today, Good Friday, of all days, we have a great opportunity to be thankful.

In fact, maybe we could even try to look at everyday as Good Friday.

Perhaps these three men already do:

Three Wise Men (April 1, 2010)
Three Wise Men (April 1, 2010)

Too Complicated?

This Was For You
This Was For You

“One of the great dichotomies we face is that because our lives are so complicated, we don’t have time for ourselves. And at the same time, we often keep our lives so complicated, so we don’t have to address some of our inner issues.” — Living The Simple Life

Good Friday and Easter are almost here.

Are you ready?

Does it cross you mind all year long?

What if it did?