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Disney Keynote Speakers
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Jeff is the best Disney Speaker you’ve never heard of. During his 30 years at Disney and Disney Institute, Jeff helped 2,000 organizations and over one-million leaders .think .differently about leaders, employees, service, reputation, and improvement.


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What 17 Google Alerts would Jesus subscribe to?

Observable Universe facts


(photo: Would Jesus carry a smart phone an iPhone 6?)

What Google Alerts would Jesus subscribe to?

At first this seemed like a joke when the post idea was generated.

And then…

God, love, spirit, sorrow, hurt, pain, worry, fear, anxiety, depression, lost, lonely, alone, abandoned, hate, war, death…

Probably more than 17, but this seems to cover most.

Then there are mere humans who subscribe to Google Alerts like this one, Disney Institute.

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Why we love Google so much

car engine on display at 2013 Chicago Auto Show
car engines and search engines are critical to power


Why we love Google so much is because they make our lives immeasurably richer and exponentially more effective, providing the world’s very best search engine.

For free.

Yesterday I discovered jeffnoel.org (this site) is no longer findable on Google.

(perhaps there’s conflict with jeffnoel.com – although after 1.5k posts on both sites, there’s NEVER been any copying)

I live my life so that if anyone ever says anything bad about me, no one will believe it.

Therefore, trusting Google is what I will continue to do.

Mind, body, spirit, so let’s give a moment to think about our work today, punch in here.