This Might Change Your Life

Based on this you can do that

bedroom remodeling
Would love to show a pic of the progress but it’s not possible to upload them.

Based on this you can do that.


Based on new information or data, you can do something you currently are not doing.

You can do it better, you can modify it, or you can stop doing it.

Today i am blogging in Safari’s Private Mode. It doesn’t save cookies. The 421 redirect error messages are down 95%. While a huge improvement, not quite a perfect fix. It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. One small piece of new information (clicking to private mode) improved today’s writing 95%.

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Blessed Beyond Measure?

Why only read the emails that are fun?

Sam Horn via LinkedIn
Sam Horn’s recent post on LinkedIn last week.


We’ve heard the phrase, God wastes nothing. What does that mean exactly?

For starters it means everything that happens – good or not so good – is meant to help us:

  • Grow
  • Learn

Whether we grow or learn is 100% our responsibility.

Bad things happen to everyone.

No one likes reading an overflowing inbox. And add to that having to deal with tough emails that are difficult, time consuming, or tragic. Good grief Charlie Brown.

Every single thing that happens to us can teach us or grow us.

But if we looked at it that way, we’d have nothing to complain about.

God wastes nothing.

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