Dear Son

Best school conversation ever?

iAqualink screen shot
Yesterday’s pool temp was a season high.


Dear Son, go at your pace, in your own way, and have fun.

Glad this advice surprised you.

Like i said this summer, we are making the transition from directing to empowering.

Even if you are unaware, you are so poised for this.

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The value of enterprise and unwavering patience

Middle schooler at graduation
Most 8th graders have only just begun to develop their self-confidence.


When does self-confidence take root? When does it bear fruit or offer shade?

The answers vary dramatically. Kind of like snow flakes.

Last night, two glimpses:

  1. He gave an eloquent, humorous speech*.
  2. He said, “You know that thing you always say about you don’t understand this now, but you will? It’s true”

Those two moments were like standing on the Olympic podium listening to your National Anthem.

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Transitioning to strong wings

Swallow Tailed Kite in Orlando
Lower-center Kite, dead center tree line, white spec is Mockingbird


Praying that the eleven 7th and 8th graders stay morally straight, and suck the marrow out of this once-in-a-lifetime school trip.

Catalina Island excursion yesterday. Disneyland today.

Give them deep roots and strong wings.

We are transitioning to the strong wings – absolutely necessary to thrive (not survive).

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Our Choices Make Us

The person you tell yourself you can’t be

Orlando Inspirational speakers


(photo: Another accidental photo from yesterday. This one from an 80-minute run behind Walt Disney World before going to Gold’s Gym.)

Is your life organized enough so that you can occasionally push yourself?

Congrats if it is.

Prayers if it’s not.

Expect one set back after another. That’s what every successful person (that you tell yourself you can never be) does.


Yes, successful people have a key trait that is developed through trial and error.

It’s called perseverance.

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Dear Son

A tree does not grow overnight

Inside view of Allen's Creamery in Windermere, FL


(photo: A 55-year old Master’s athlete and a 13-year old just beginning to explore exercise)

It was 6.3 miles one way. After cooling down, we ate a small breakfast, visited the Windermere Library for old times sake, and then began a challenging ride home.

Later that evening, the Mom told the dad, “It’s really great that you are doing this with him”.

What began softly and quietly a few months prior (for a NYC school trip with lots of walking), is continuing.

A tree does not grow overnight. But it does grow.

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