Guest Blogger Returns

We don’t think about death often enough. Why? No idea. Fear, maybe. Not socially acceptable, maybe. I’m not really sure. But I do know that no one I know thinks death should be dinner table talk. At the end of the day though, people will talk at the dinner table about us after we’re gone. […]

Guest Blogger Craig Nickoloff

Ladies and Gentleman, may I present Ohio’s Craig Nickoloff, a man who works hard to help make the world a better place for younger generations. Here is Craig’s contribution to our Spirit entitled: Coram Deo… “I’m growing. Always will be. Human nature I guess. I used to pride myself on doing my best. Had a […]

Guest Blogger This Sunday

Craig Nickoloff, from Ohio, will be’s Guest Blogger this Sunday. Craig is a young man with a wife and two children. He’s a Christian, self-proclaimed Disney freak and a man who inspires me by his will and determination to become a better man, a better person. We all struggle with it. Can’t wait to […]


The joy of having two Guest bloggers this week pales in comparison to the pain of the Haiti earthquake victims. Last night, after my son and I walked Carter, we hurriedly returned to our house. Told our son we needed to watch the evening news at 6:30PM. Our lifestyle doesn’t make much time to watch […]

Guest Blogger Bob Stewart

Dear readers, today it’s with great pleasure I introduce Bob Stewart, a Husband, Father, Man of God, and writer. Today’s post is courtesy of Bob and is entitled: “Who’s Not Capable?” Have you ever felt you didn’t have the skills, background, character, or even physical traits to be a leader? Have people assumed you don’t […]