Promised him it’s for his own good

Honeymoon bicycle trip on the San Juan Islands
One of Puget Sound’s San Juan Islands, 1984.


Promised him it’s for his own good. In the pool last night we talked at length about “stuff”.

i drove the agenda which was fairly organic (not pre-meditated).

We reviewed the big four, foundational building blocks:

  1. Honesty
  2. Behave admirably
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Self-control

Introduced a fifth concept:


How can i give you keys to a vehicle in which you could get killed or you could kill someone else if you can’t handle the little things, like refilling the soap dispenser in your bathroom?

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What if one of them is having a challenging year?

West Orange High School Class A school
Yesterday at 6:55am from parking lot.


West Orange High School Administration office lobby
Yesterday morning, June 11, 2015.


West Orange High School 9th grade center Guidance Counselors
Yesterday, on the wall of a West Orange High School office.


Who is the counselor you lean on for life’s biggest challenges and opportunities?

What if in their humanness, they are having a bad year?

How will one challenging life impact the lives of 200 9th graders?

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Fun is in the spiritual freedom

Disney Institute Keynote Speakers


(photo: Photo pulled from Google search. Old Disney Institute collateral piece. Circa 2004. Fun.)

Praying for creative, and, authentic wisdom.

Disney Institute FaceBook update yesterday:

“Looking to transform your company cultureā€¦upskill your leadersā€¦or reimagine your customer experience? It CAN be done! Here’s how we can help (with a link to their website).”

This is Mid Life Celebration’s offering as well.

Kinda cool how alike Disney and MLC are.

Cut from the very same cloth.

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