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Note to self.

As difficult as it may seem, you must not become codependent.

This serves no one.

Plus, it traps you into believing the wrong things and doing the wrong things.

Heck yeah it can make you feel guilty.

So ask yourself, “Guilty of what?”

You free your children, and teach your children, when you let them make their own mistakes.

Same applies to aging parents.


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Blessed Beyond Measure?

Ever feel guilty for feeling great?

Steve Jobs Mid Life Celebration phone
Steve Jobs with Mid Life Celebration’s iconic red old-school phone.


Feeling guilty about feeling so good?

Ever feel guilty for feeling great?

Crazy thing though, the problems challenges faced in midlife are bigger than in our previous decades.

What’s different is our wisdom, strength, and patience to manage the stuff that’s in our control.

Self confidence grows through strenuous self examination.

It’s our job to master this and hone what works best for us.

Self examination can be steadily grown, even accelerated. Writing and speaking help.

And what helps even more is the time consuming preparation required to write and speak authentically.

How i do it and how you do it could be polar opposites.

Pretty cool huh?

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Diversity of perspective is a glorious gift and sometimes rare

Funny  Canadian Hockey shirt


(photo: Not everyone understands hockey or what a farm team is… )

Did you exercise this morning?

Yesterday morning?

Day before that?

After yesterdays run, an important phone call.

Turned out to be extraordinary.

Have been feeling an unjustifiable guilt for not accepting an offer to help some folks.

On the call, without trying or knowing, turns out a neutral party totally gets it.

Without going into details it was…



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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Do not carry this too far

Sleeping, homeless Las Vegas person
Sleeping, homeless Las Vegas person pre-dawn temp was 40-degrees


Las Vegas homeless congregated on this walking bridge
Las Vegas homeless congregated on this walking bridge


Do not carry this very far.

It’s too heavy.

Way too heavy.

Dump it.

Drop it.


Do not look back.

Only look forward.

And know it won’t be long until you will have another opportunity to help someone less fortunate.

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Three reasons not calling home is important and empowering

Log of first Robin's song each winter in Florida
Robins fly south for the winter, heard the first Robin yesterday


Three reasons why not calling home Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important and empowering things for your self-esteem:

1. You realize when the phone doesn’t ring, it’s because no one called.

2. You realize that everyone in the world with a job is busy, especially on Thanksgiving Day.

3. You have an epiphany you wouldn’t have had if you had called.

The holiday epiphany reveals that each person is absolutely as capable and responsible to call as you.

And as a bonus, you understand that whatever your Family circumstances are, everyone may actually be okay with them.

Bottomline: when the phone doesn’t ring on either end, no one needs to feel guilt. Liberating discovery.

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