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Deeply Embedded And Omnipotent Habits Are A Blessing and Curse

A Huge Midlife Paradox

Baby Boomers rely on midlife habits for consistency and effectiveness. So do excellent companies, like Disney, Chick-fil-A, and Nordstrom. A Boomer’s midlife blessing is contained in the consistency. A Boomer’s midlife curse is also contained in this consistency. This is an important midlife paradox to sort out.

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jeff noel Stumbled Upon A Midlife Epiphany Yesterday

Mid Life Celebration, LLC's tagline

Boomers, if our true desire is to rethink, reprioritize and recommit, we must never get bored with the basics. Simple. Key. Repeatable. Common sense.

And, it must become common practice. Period.

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The Other Side

Think About It

But We Do It Anyway, Because It's Socially Acceptable
But We Do It Anyway, Because It’s Socially Acceptable

In a busy world, and it’s always been a busy world, we can’t do everything that comes across our path. Yet we often try to anyway.

Why? We learn a lot from watching those who came before us. We also learn from TV, movies, books, and the Internet.

It’s not uncommon for us to have a skewed list of priorities because all we know is all we know.

To change our perspective – and our priorities – we’d really need some significant force.

Is a powerful, paradoxical question enough?

It might be…

Please join me in a warm welcome for Patty Hebert. Take it away Patty:

Think about it. You find a thick envelope in the mail. Your eyes roll. You open it; another wedding invitation; a cousin, a niece, an estranged sibling. The clock is running. You have six weeks to formulate the perfect, Sorry but… Tried to squeeze it in but…

Think about it. The phone rings. A grandmother, grandfather, cousin, uncle, or estranged sister has died; unexpectedly or not. The calendar is wiped. Children get pulled from school with no thought of missed homework or exams. Important business meetings and dinner plans canceled. Soccer tournaments missed.

Now ask yourself, what’s more important, the living or the dead?

Think about it.

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Our Choices Make Us

One Question


Life's Distractions Can Lead To Complacency
Life’s Distractions Can Lead To Complacency

Did you pray this morning before you started your day?

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What Do You Mean You Don't Know?


Someone Is Always Watching
Someone Is Always Watching

Think no one notices what you do when no one is looking?

No, seriously. You really don’t believe no one notices, right?

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