Happy Birthday Cheryl

Happy Birthday Cheryl. First Johnny, then Margaret, now it’s your turn. Three birthdays in four days. A simple blog post will not do justice to what I’m feeling and thinking this morning. To say that we make a great team is an understatement. To say that I could live without you is impossible. To thank […]

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Margaret. My Mother-In-Law turns 87 today. “Mom” is still living in the house she was born in. Same house her entire life. Never moved out. Never moved away. She was one of nine children. Her Mother, “Grammy”, open a one-room grocery store (1927) in what is now the living room in their three-story […]

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Johnny. Johnny, my Father-In-Law, turns 84 today. Can you imagine 84? His father died when he was just a young boy. His uncle, an alcoholic, tried to raise him as best he could. Johnny got his driver’s license to get a job with the City of Allentown, but never drove a car, his […]

Happy Birthday, Son

Happy Birthday, Chapin. Nine! Wow! Last night at dinner in Indiana, my client asked me to describe our son, but only using one-word descriptors. I wish the one-words would have rolled off my tongue. As I thought about it, words came to mind: Honest Techie Compassionate Brave Smart Athletic Strong Healthy Spiritual Helpful Friendly Nice […]