Asterisk moment

Grateful to be able to bend down to ground level.

Asterisk moment.

Mid Life Celebration’s post today made it sound like everyone can make an endless list of things to be grateful for.

You agree with this right?

It dawned on me that there might be a chance some of us could feel this isn’t true.

  • You have a device to read this from
  • You have internet connectivity
  • You have eye-sight to read
  • You have time to read
  • You have hands to type
  • You have a body that removed itself from your bed
  • You have a bed
  • You have a dwelling
  • You have a roof over your head
  • You have heat and cool air at your command
  • You have running water
  • Your water is clean
  • You have an indoor toilet
  • Your toilet works
  • You have toilet paper
  • You have the gift of today in front of you
  • You have no one to tell you what to be grateful for
  • You live in a first world country
  • You are able to bath yourself
  • You have a washer and dryer to maintain clean towels
  • You may not like your job, but you have a job
  • You have things in your job that are worth doing
  • You have paved roads to get to work
  • You have infrastructure like traffic lights, stop signs, greenways, sidewalks, pedestrian crosswalks, police, speed limits, tow trucks, gas stations, even car washes, school crossing guards, etc, etc.
  • You have a mind, a body, a spirit, a job, and a home
  • You have a device which can access all the world’s knowledge
  • You have a bed to sleep in tonight
  • You have this same list tomorrow, and the day after that too
  • You have the ability to think as a responsible adult
  • You have the ability to help others everyday, all day – sharing a smile is a simple example
  • 😊

•  •  •  •  •

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If you’re going through hell, keep on going

quote about blame
Find a million ways to remind yourself the predictable outcomes from your choices.


Happy present moment.

Yesterday, a Sunday, and faced with multiple challenging situations, i kept telling myself, “Happy present moment.”

Happy people aren’t immune from going through hell, they generally fight like heck to choose their response when it happens

And it happens almost all the time.

Who knew?

• • • • •

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Make Me Cry

A couple days ago, while sitting in Church with my Family, I got teary-eyed three separate times in less than an hour.

Why? Where you sad?

Nope. Happy.


Yes. And thankful.

If I have to explain this to you, chances are, you won’t understand.

However, if you don’t understand but would like to, simply scroll down and read yesterday’s blog post.