i do not worship Hayward Field

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The spirit of Hayward Field is real.


i do not worship Hayward Field.

(Reading the photo’s text will help this post make sense.)

i should mention that Bill Bowerman (mentioned in photo) was University of Oregon’s head Track & Field Coach long ago.

Bowerman was also the 1972 Olympic USATF Head Coach in Munich.

One of his famous runners, Steve Perfontaine (“Pre”), got 4th in the 5,000.

Pre is also the only athlete Nike has immortalized with a life-sized bronze statue.

By the way, Bill Bowerman used his wife’s waffle iron and some rubber mixture to “bake” the soles of his athlete’s shoes – because he could make them lighter.

From this, he is co-founder of Nike (with Phil Knight).

So yeah, Nike started in a kitchen with a waffle iron.

Vin (from today’s MLC post photo) also happened to be Oregon’s Track & Field Head Coach until 2012 when he got promoted.

More US National Championshios and Olympic Trials have been held at Hayward Field than any other track in our Country.

i do not worship Hayward Field, but i do dig the spirit.



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