Dear Son

i find my healing in your scars

The video link is below the photo. Don’t click the photo.


Casting Crowns song
Came up via shuffle play on bike ride to gym.


Powerful Casting Crowns lyrics in this video.

And yes, i find my healing in His scars.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

When our sense of sin becomes deep enough

iPhone boxes piled up


(photo: Over time, things do pile up if we are not paying attention)

When our sense of sin becomes deep enough, we are finally in a position to understand the healing depth, power, and need for Grace.

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Prayers Please

Prayers For Those In Need Of Mental Healing

What will it take to open the gate?

To everyone dealing with mental anguish, mental challenges, and all other types of attitude or thought-pattern issues, we pray for your healing.

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