How Can You Tell? Our Choices Make Us

Heaven & Hell

It's The Complete Opposite Of This
It's The Complete Opposite Of This

Two people.

One decision.

Yet both must decide.

It will undeniably alter the course of their lives forever.

It is a gut-wrenching decision.

It is the epitome of terror and uncertainty…

Our Choices Make Us The Other Side

Beauty Will Rise

Beauty WILL Rise!
Beauty WILL Rise!

How’s your Spirit?

Do you ever feel like God is unfair?

This is called doubt. And as your Spirit grows, you allow less room for doubt. Less room for fear.

And it’s like exercise or money, it requires disciplined effort to be in sound physical, financial and spiritual shape.

The past few nights I’ve been working out Spiritually. How? By listening to Steven Curtis Chapman’s newest CD, Beauty Will Rise.

Try to imagine your worst nightmare. And then try to imagine God not being interested or caring.