Third Sunday of Advent

In looking for a Walt RIP photo yesterday, stumbled on the castle logo. Never used it. Still like it.

Third Sunday of Advent.

In business leadership, there’s a strong case for focusing only on your core strengths and not trying to get better at your weaknesses – instead, hiring people who are good at what you’re not.

In spirit, my core strength is the story of a baby born in a manger.

While i’d feel better about myself if i knew more about other religions, i’ll leave those details to Google.

All religions are different doors to the same house.

Steve Jobs

A person, like me, can simply appreciate the big picture: that everyone who celebrates Faith, Hope, and Love can practice with whatever origin story they wish.

We, after all, live in the same house – Earth.

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There Are Many Holidays And Religious Traditions This Time Of Year

A religions holiday is only good if it celebrates Love

How acutely aware are you of the holidays you don’t celebrate? Let’s not be too hard on ourselves for being focused on what we believe, and not so focused on what we don’t. This is human nature, neither good or bad. And once we understand every religious holiday is steeped in love, family, service, and good, the differences don’t divide, they complement.

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Happy Thanksgiving World

A sincere wish from my family to yours. We wish you:

  • PEACE in your Soul
  • JOY in your Spirit
  • LOVE in your Heart

We pray for this – for you, your family, and especially all those people less fortunate – every night before dinner.

And as many sit at their tables today, they will be saying similar prayers. This helps make the world a better place.

Too bad Thanksgiving isn’t an official holiday every day.

But, thankfully, many make it a daily holiday, even without official permission.