Photo Sunday, 2/4

Can’t Do Everything…so do what you can, even though it would be easier not to… Forget about NO tugging. Are you convinced you’re doing your fair share to make the world a little nicer? This morning, it’s our turn to lead Children’s Liturgy of the Word at our Church. Sometimes 40 children, sometimes 100. Cheryl […]

Ash Wednesday And Lent

Ash Wednesday and Lent. Happens year after year around this time. How many of us forgot? How many of us didn’t forget, but were simply “going through the motions”? Easter is the most important day in the life of a Christian. Christmas is critical, but loses all meaning without Easter. You have thought of that, […]

Pray Pay Obey Catholic

What does that mean exactly? Growing up Luthern, in a small Pennsylvania town, there weren’t many Catholics. In fact, I don’t recall knowing what a Catholic was until college. Well, life comes full circle and here I am, a devoted Catholic for over a decade. There are something like 15,000 members of our Holy Family […]

Can Scorpions Fart?

“Do you have any questions?”, the Brevard Zoo staff member asked the boys. One six-year old boy threw his arm up in the air, “Can scorpions fart?” Brevard Zoo. Yesterday, January 24, 2010. Twenty Cub Scouts plus an equal number of Parents. Our Church has a growing Cub Scout Pack. It shut it’s doors two […]