Dear Boomers

Safer to lie or to tell the trut​h?

lying in public
They were in the news again because Go-Fund-Me just refunded every donor’s money. They are probably nice people in general. Temptation to lie is something every one of us has to wrestle with.

What if you were praised for telling the truth?

Generally, lying when you do something unpopular, unethical, or even accidently, the return on investment for lying seems like the (obvious) best and most valuable choice – life immediately becomes easier when we are “off-the-hook”.

The wrath and responsibility for owning up to something can be avoided or turned into a non-issue if we lie.

What’s in it for being honest?


The most valuable of all relationship ingredients.

When our son was about two years old (in 2002), we promised him he’d never get in trouble for telling the truth.

Set your bar(s) high.

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Honesty is an expensive gift says Warren Buffet

warren buffet quote
Begs a question…”Am i a cheap person?”


Honesty is an expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people. – Warren Buffet

Are you cheap?

How do you know?

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Motives often come with an awkward aftertaste

Florida wildflower
Two days ago at Tibet Butler Preserve. iPhone cameras are good, but not great.


The things we can be grateful for often come from unexpected sources and sort of blindside us at first.

The marketing person’s email review and ‘bold’ website critique yesterday was exceptionally helpful.

It was a nice prompt to rewrite a few things at

That rewrite inspired the same at the other four blogs.

What was awkward was the timing. Her helpful critique was the result of her ‘fishing for business’. Betting she thought i wouldn’t notice her ulterior motive. No harm no foul, business is business – unless the customer (me in this case) reads right through it.

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Dear Son

The stereotypical assumption is that they won’t

Cheating isn't an option banner
At Gold’s Gym last week.


Dear Son, telling you last night how impressed i was from your honest and professional answers on the Youth Ministry survey was a great moment.

The biggest revelation was when you described “Youth Group” feeling more like “Bible Study” than a youth group.

Here’s to hoping your honest answers are well received.

The stereotypical assumption is that they won’t.

Here’s to us being wrong.

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We must find our own peace and contentment

Business card
Best place to get a card like this is at this place


He told his friend he thought about the previous night’s conversation and wanted to say his goodbyes now, at dinner.

His friend had said how he has suffered enough in his life and that death would be a welcomed relief. He wasn’t contemplating suicide, but simply stating that if he died, his pain would be gone.

Fear is a bloody liar. So the conversation last night included a goodbye, just to bring peace to the joyful person.

Pretty sure it caught the tired person off guard.

Authenticity is strength. And peace.

No secrets.

But still use our best judgement.

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