We must find our own peace and contentment

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He told his friend he thought about the previous night’s conversation and wanted to say his goodbyes now, at dinner.

His friend had said how he has suffered enough in his life and that death would be a welcomed relief. He wasn’t contemplating suicide, but simply stating that if he died, his pain would be gone.

Fear is a bloody liar. So the conversation last night included a goodbye, just to bring peace to the joyful person.

Pretty sure it caught the tired person off guard.

Authenticity is strength. And peace.

No secrets.

But still use our best judgement.

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Dear Son

Crossroads – the metaphor for where we are and the decisions before us

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Not LaGuardia or Toronto, for sure


Dear Son, last night’s talk may be forgotten years from now, however, it is the hottest topic we’ve talked about in a while.


The metaphor for where we are and the decisions before us.

The fact that we only have 36 hours together in a 13-day window will challenge our creativity.

Return from Winnipeg one day, pause at home one day, leave again in a few hours for Halifax.

Real life in real time.

Insight: Excuses be damned.

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This Might Change Your Life

Should we be brutally honest with this person?

Church challenge sign
We, each of us, are a cathedral, no?


If we are really, brutally honest with ourselves, there can be no exceptions to being a good and decent person.

The longer and more sincerely we do this, the higher our batting average.

We will fail, but less and less often.

Until one day, never.

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