What Do Followers Want?

What do followers want? Ever thought about a question like this? Ever think about it long enough to determine a firm answer? Why not try it right now. Think about this question. Tomorrow, I’ll reveal an answer and we can see how closely we think. Carpe diem. 🙂


My wife and I share an invisible disability. We spent our entire life savings to overcome it. And while spending, we were never guaranteed success. I asked a friend of mine, just yesterday, “May I talk about our relationship in my blogs”? He said yes. I figured he would. His disability can be seen a […]

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009. Most likely our plans revolve around traditional American activities. Get togethers with family or friends. Food. Drink. Music. Fun. Games. Sports. Yard work. Car repairs. Chores. Errands. Rest. Relaxation. Prayer. Since I wasn’t 100% certain what Labor Day stood for, I Googled it. I hope while I’m engaging in the traditional […]

John Nelson Darby

“To me the Lord’s coming is not a question of prophecy, but my present hope… There is no event between me and Heaven”. — John Nelson Darby Gonna leave this one up for individual interpretation. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Selfish Request?

It feels a bit selfish to ask you to do this, yet it also feels, oddly enough, not selfish. Ok, so I’m a little confused. Anyway, a prayer petition today for my very good friend from work, Bob and his wife Renae. A scheduled c-section at noon today, for their second child. These are fairly […]