Humble beginnings is a common Family story

Disneyland Jungle Cruise vintage photo
Using this photo signifies the photo upload issue continues. Made it through today’s first two posts without any issues.
Home back porch expansion
Our home was designed and built with two small steps down to a 10′ x 10′ concrete pad for a back porch. No roof. No money for more than this. i used irrigation pipes to “draw” our expansion plans.
back porch home expansion
We added a 44′ x 30′ concrete pad in 2000, eight years after our home was built…15′ roof covered and another 15′ screened in.
Disney theme parks car decal
This photo is an experiment to see if it would work and it did so i’m leaving it. All of this started with a cartoon Mouse in 1928.

Humble beginnings is a common Family story.

Today is the third Sunday of Lent.

Jesus’s story is bathed in humility.

From being born in a stable…to the Savior of the World?

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Could two simple words be the catalyst for personal transformation?



(photo: logo… yes, there’s a story, a story about how Mid Life Celebration began in 1979)

Praying that humility guides today’s activities.

Praying for the same thing tomorrow and the day after that too.

And service.

Let’s not forget to be a humble servant.

Humble servant.

Two words.

Could they be the catalyst for personal transformation?

(ever wonder if satisfaction is dangerous?)

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So what, no one cares (yet the wisdom is priceless)

Disneyland Downtown Disney Starbucks Reserve
Final day at Disneyland provided 30 minutes for breakfast before a 6:45am cab to John Wayne Airport


Disneyland Downtown Disney Starbucks Reserve
View looking straight ahead – camera and giant screen to the left (out of sight)


Disneyland Downtown Disney Starbucks Reserve
Special interactive TV screen was fun to watch


It seems the 10,000 blog post milestone is close.

So what?


So what?

Here’s what. It began by writing a single post.



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Someone Has To Be Last

Do You Have Any Idea What I'm Talking About?
Do You Have Any Idea What I'm Talking About?

Someone has to be last. It’s a fact of life. Period.

My wife’s maiden name is Zubek. Guess where she stood when the teacher said, “Okay children, line up in alphabetical order“.

Same with the school bus, the US Postal service mail delivery, the food line at the homeless shelter. Someone has to be last.

Same with jeff – this blog is last in number of visitors. But God wastes nothing. Perhaps this humble, lowly, “last” blog will one day be the first blog.

In your busy day, you may find this hard to understand and you may not care. But within this one post (and this blog overall), there may be a nugget of insight that you’ve been searching for. It’s waiting for you, if you don’t mind being last.

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Not Sure I Can Do This

Cloudy Feelings?
Cloudy Feelings?

After re-reading yesterday’s post, I’m having second thoughts about whether to continue down this path.


Because it feels like it goes against being humble, and it feels very awkward.

What is driving me, compelling me, to want to share this, is so that you see that I have no special privilege or talent.

I just work really hard. Hard work is the only antidote to life’s challenges.

And even then, it’s not 100% guaranteed.

But one thing is guaranteed. If you don’t try, you will never know.