Could two simple words be the catalyst for personal transformation?

  (photo: logo… yes, there’s a story, a story about how Mid Life Celebration began in 1979) Praying that humility guides today’s activities. Praying for the same thing tomorrow and the day after that too. And service. Let’s not forget to be a humble servant. Humble servant. Two words. Could they be the catalyst […]

Someone Has To Be Last

Someone has to be last. It’s a fact of life. Period. My wife’s maiden name is Zubek. Guess where she stood when the teacher said, “Okay children, line up in alphabetical order“. Same with the school bus, the US Postal service mail delivery, the food line at the homeless shelter. Someone has to be last. […]

Not Sure I Can Do This

After re-reading yesterday’s post, I’m having second thoughts about whether to continue down this path. Why? Because it feels like it goes against being humble, and it feels very awkward. What is driving me, compelling me, to want to share this, is so that you see that I have no special privilege or talent. I […]