Intentionally took him to Publix well before Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Orlando
20 minutes after arriving at our house, i took our son to Publix. He has only a vague memory of the 3 hurricanes in 6 weeks from 2004.


Hurricane Matthew Orlando
We needed milk and could use a loaf of bread. It looks like she’s having a hard time deciding even though the choice is obvious.


Hurricane Matthew Orlando
We were not in a hurry and we were not stocking up. i had been away for 4 days…we also needed milk, bananas and eggs.


Hurricane Matthew Orlando
As i was paying our $35 bill, our son tapped me to turn around to see the next aisle.


Intentionally took him to Publix well before Hurricane Matthew.


So he could see what it’s like when we react at the last minute.

Had been gone for four days and when i returned home, all we needed was milk, bananas, and eggs.

He also got to see the massive lines at the gas station, even though we were not under an evacuation order.


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