Is it a travesty when this happens and is it avoidable?

photo of dog playing is clay sand, looking embarrassed
sheesh, this is embarrassing (but important) to say…

Is it a travesty when this happens and is it avoidable?

  • preaching how we should honor our Father
  • ignoring the gift of health that our Father has given us
  • the spiritual leader is grossly overweight
  • being singularly focused on the mystery of Faith
  • what about the Faith that maintaining our health metrics honors our creator?

While this may sound hurtful, it’s meant to ask a really important question, “Where do we look for balance in the real world?”

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It Almost Offends Me

But I catch myself feeling like maybe I’m being judgmental, and that feels hypocritical.

So you’ve seen this recent thing on Facebook, “Let’s see how many true Christians are on FB! Press Like if Jesus is your Savior!!”


If I were a non-Christian, it’s stuff like this that makes alienating Christians just a little bit easier.

Certainly the intention is not to do harm, but imagine, “Let’s see how many true Muslims, Jews, atheists, are on FB. Press Like if you believe Jesus was not the Son of God”.

Personal leadership is one of the most difficult things to practice, because we are human – weak and insecure.