One Question A Day?

How Can We Not Have An Answer To The Most Important Question In Life?

The Palouse, Whitman County, eastern Washington State, our home early ’80’s…

I’ve asked hundreds, if not a thousand people, “What is the meaning of life”?

Without fail, 99% start with a blank, confused, or guilty stare.

Then reply, “That’s a great question”.

Really? That’s all you have? Shouldn’t our answer be as easy as what’s 2 + 2?

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Unanswered Questions?

Am I Making A Difference?

Detectives HAVE TO Ask The Right Questions!
Detectives HAVE TO Ask The Right Questions!

Classic questions. Worth their weight in gold.

Do you have questions you ask yourself, literally daily?

Obsessively I ask, “Am I making a difference?”

Having the privilege to work for a Fortune 100, it’s the company’s mantra to every employee, every day, all day.

And as a transformed leader, the new question is, “Am I doing work that matters?”

Does the thought of heading into your day today give you butterflies?

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