Should it be this easy and is it showing off?

Montessori World Middle School classroom
Thankful everyday for this middle school classroom and teacher.


Can you easily make a decent daily list of blessings without too much thought?

Yesterday i was thankful for:

  1. Mother-In-Law’s successful heart ablation surgery and dismissal from the hospital.
  2. Having a teen who is maturing nicely.
  3. Having an old car that always starts.
  4. Having really nice running shoes.
  5. Having the motivation to exercise regularly.
  6. Living amongst the world’s best theme parks.
  7. Having a world-class Orlando Gold’s Gym nearby.
  8. Having healthcare insurance to cover most of my physical therapy.
  9. Being a small business entrepreneur with big dreams.
  10. Having 30 years of Disney experience from which to build the business.
  11. Having a Twistee Treat Ice Cream place two blocks from school.
  12. Etc, etc.

Writing five daily, free, differently themed blogs for 2.1k+ consecutive days is one of the most ridiculously impossible goals anyone could ever imagine.

Thankful for that too. Everyday.

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Walt Disney said, It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

Mickey Mouse artistic statues
There’s a “hidden dad” on the far left.


Making progress for an honest and trusting relationship with a teenager is literally the battle of every parent’s life. Yes, there are exceptions. Our Family isn’t one of them.

When we refuse to quit, and use creativity and vision as anchors, we slowly and steadily make progress.

Progress begets progress.

Thank God for Imagination.

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What is an impossible challenge?

Lee Cockerell book signing
Lee Cockerell had a long line of people wanting an autograph.


There is no greater wisdom than kindness. Thank you for yours – your generous donation of your time to read all five daily blogs.

Yes, it’s taken two hours a day for the past 2,290 consecutive days. But the way it’s changed the writer is beyond a miracle.

It began with an impossible challenge to write two hours a day for 100 days in a row, back in 2009.

These types of impossible challenges are available to everyone.

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He says, What right do i have to do nothing?


Don and Lorraine where married in 1989. A few years later Don had ALS. Now he has hope. And so does his Family.

In this video is a moment when the inventor of a device that helps Don type, using only his eyes, says, “What right do I have to do nothing?”

Do something great?

How can any of us ignore this?

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