Habits define you

Habits are either by design or by default.



Ever catch yourself examining other people’s behaviors and instantly liking or disliking certain attributes?

Do you believe that what we like and dislike is a reflection of our own daily behaviors?

Observing others is a great window into how we are perceived by others.

This is scary for the simple reason that the things we dislike in others – that’s what we are unknowingly projecting as well.

This is exciting because we have many positive blind spots. We become aware of the goodness we carry and project.

Our temptation is to downplay both.

“I’m not that annoying.”

“I’m not that wonderful.”


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Disney’s Continuous Improvement Process

Magic Kingdom Park Map
Entrance (bottom middle, above)…their first destination was Mickey’s Birthdayland in the top right (closeup photo below).


Magic Kingdom Park Map 2016
It debuted in 1988, Mickey’s 60th birthday. A new train stop was added to the Grand Circle loop.


The six steps in Disney’s Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)”

Listen & Learn


Take Action


Recognize & Celebrate





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Make Me Your Instrument

Help me transform myself from selfish to selfless. Please.

Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to provide strength, courage, discipline and insight as I journey to become more like your Son.

Insight: It takes a moment to become a Christian, a lifetime to become like Christ. Begin. Never tire.

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