Two incurable diseases don’t make a right

Casey's Corner at Walt Disney World
Finding cures for every incurable disease is a great fantasy.


In the process of searching for a new safety deposit box (our SunTrust branch is closing in May), i met a friendly Wells Fargo bank employee. She’s a 38-year employee and has seen her bank change hands a number of times.

After driving 4,000 miles in our Mercury Monarch in August 1984, the only Orlando bank that would cash our Washington State Employee Credit Union check and make funds immediately accessible for rent, deposits, and groceries was Coral Gables Bank.

Years later Coral Gables became First Union, which became Wachovia, which became Wells Fargo (now the Nation’s top bank).

As Tracy and i recounted the past 30+ years, we spoke about life in general.

She discovered i left Disney to make a lot of money to give to the people determined to cure IBD.

And i discovered her five-year old grand daughter (Gracie) has Retts syndrome.

There were other things discovered, and in the process, i had to fight back my tears.





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My Son’s Pain Update

Last night after delivering a Web Seminar, I picked up our third-grade son, like every other day. Except Wednesday, we have Catechism.

He’s a student and I’m a junior assistant deputy teacher. Miss Jane runs the class, and I sort of help by staying out of the way and pitching in here and there.

Anyway, our routine is a drive-through fast food place for dinner, eat on the way and in the parking lot. Clean ourselves up a bit. Class 6:30 – 7:45PM. Head home.

Our son could barely walk on his right leg, so we did not go.

We never know when he will have pain, where he will have pain (it migrates all over his body), or how long it will last.

It’s just a part of our landscape. We simply do the best we can, and keep moving forward.