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We are insignificant


We are insignificant.

If you’ve never considered this, or if you have , but can’t comprehend it, the video will fix that.

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Blessed Beyond Measure?

People with a keen awareness of their emptiness celebrate this

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Celebrate the inexhaustible gifts of ssib


God has blessed some (all, really) people with a keen awareness of their emptiness. In doing so for them, He leads them down an unknown path, often frightening.

Those that follow find unimaginable joy, especially in the riches that fill the universe – the small, seemingly insignificant blessings (ssib) that engulf us.

If we only had eyes to see.

Thanks for your ssib – simply being here today, reading this, and going forth to fulfill today’s work.

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You Are Insignificant

View this if you want to see how incredibly insignificant we are in the universe.

If you are already crystal clear, save yourself the six minutes it’ll take to watch (and be reminded).