Dear Son

Dear inspiration

Peter Van Buskirk College admissions
Was one of five parents attending yesterday after lunch. Deb is our son’s HS counsellor. i sat in second row, right behind Peter (right).


Peter Van Buskirk College admissions
i take a lot of pictures. An hour into the 90-minute event, i walked (and stayed) to the back.


Peter Van Buskirk College admissions
Windermere Prep Gym – mandatory formal dress day for all 9th & 10th graders.


Peter Van Buskirk College admissions
Panorama of 9th and 10th grade classes.


Dear inspiration,

Thank you for inspiring me to come to this conclusion: only the inspired inspire.

Duly noted.




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Our Choices Make Us

Every great CEO knows this

Apple Store Genius Bar sign
Doesn’t take a genius to comprehend the power of common sense


Being inspired is an inside job.

Every great CEO knows this.

Our spirit impacts everything else in our life.

Have you ever been a CEO?

Trick question?

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Please don't tell me

The two together create a deadly spiral this way

Honeymoon bicycle trip
Honeymoon bicycle trip – is just the beginning or a lifelong commitment: decades long


Inspiration fatigue, coupled with impatience creates a spiritual black hole.

Thanks to social media (and never ending inspirational quotes, etc) and the growing list of things we start losing in midlife.

We try recommitting to regain lost things, but alas, humans are much too impatient for the long haul.


What if we changed that?

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Book Publishing

What about the inspiration fatigue that dominates social media?

slide different approach
Different is the only logical way to attack the mass approach


Been thinking deeply about the inspiration fatigue that dominates social media.

Everyone likes inspiration. Everyone shares it.

How many of us create it from our daily actions?

What if we did?

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Ronald Reagan narrates this video which makes us feel alive

Hoping you feel alive today. I mean really, fully alive. In spite of the weight on your shoulders. Thank a soldier for the freedom to do so in The United States of America. Ronald Reagan narrates:



PS. There’s only one person in charge of making us feel alive.

We know this.

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