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Life is beautiful and we won’t be shaken from the $5 table

GameStop store map
The closest GameStop didn’t have what we wanted, so plan B became this store


Walking out of GameStop after the teen’s purchase, noticed a Family Christian Store through the trees across the parking lot (rarely shop, and had never seen this area near the Mall).

Had been wanting to get Mandisa’s new CD, Overcomer. Also got Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest and these from the $5 table:

The Afters: Life Is Beautiful, Building 429: We Won’t Be Shaken.

What’s the point of this post? Even the smallest, uneventful of adventures can yield unexpected joy.

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May whatever inspires you never leave your side

Book index
Long list of topics we could be thankful for


May whatever inspires you never leave your side.

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Journey On

Is the Crown of our Continent disappearing?

Heaven on Earth. The Crown of the Continent. And it’s disappearing.

Begging the question, “Who cares?”

The analogy we might be drawn to is this – could our biggest dreams be the crown of our life?

And if our greatest dreams disappeared, would anyone care?



The video is 50+ minutes long. Not expecting anyone to watch it.

Then why include it?

Because it’s inspiring.

And someone will watch it.

And they’ll be grateful it was found, and offered.

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The one thing we have the most control over, yet ignore

your life movie
what would you name the title for the "Movie of your life"?

The one thing we have the most control over, yet ignore? We have the capability (and obligation?) to do one thing without anyone’s permission:

Make your life your message.

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PS. Would never name my movie “A Cat in Paris”.


Perhaps Prayer Is Our Way Of Saying Thank You And Goodbye

Valentine's Day eve, praying for a miracle - a peaceful, pain free send off

We can pray for our daily blessings (food, shelter, love, etc) while we live. We can pray for peace and comfort when we die. Is everything else trivial?

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