Boomers, Why Is It That Our Life Choices Are Usually Inspirational Or Embarrassing?

Lane 8, a blog about striving for the worst lane? Seriously?

Why is it, Boomers, that our choices are usually inspirational or embarrassing? If we go, it inspires, if we falter or flee, it embarrasses. Maybe this is the fight or flight survival instinct animals are born with. jeff noel often poses a question when he’s faced with fight or flight, “Ten years from now, will anyone remember or care about this?”

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Boomers, What Would Be A Good Reason Not To Start Each Day On Our Knees In Prayer?

Each day we live is another day with the privilege to try to make a positive difference (Bahamas)

Boomers, what would be a good reason not to start each day on our knees in prayer? So fellow Midlifer’s and (self-proclaimed) prayer warriors, jeff noel thought long and hard about today’s question and came to this conclusion: Nothing!

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jeff noel Had An Epiphany From Yesterday’s Spiritual Blog Post

Give up and give safe passage through life?

Fellow Baby Boomers, after 50 or 60 years on our planet, is it possible that if we pursue goodness and righteousness long enough and raise or spiritual GPA high enough, will the devil stop wanting a piece of us, you know, give up?

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