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What a great profile/bio.

Robby is a good friend and a wonderful human being.

He has abilities and passions that i could never do – take cave diving as the most powerful example.

He is undaunted.

He is inspiring.

We all have something we love and do that would overwhelm someone else.

Son, appreciate this in others.

Walk humbly with yours.

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Glacier National Park

May your daily commute inspire you

Glacier Park Wild Goose Island
We will commute past here as well.


May your daily commute inspire you.

No matter what you see, be inspired.







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This website is about our SPIRIT. To enjoy today’s post about our WORK, click here.

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How Can You Tell?

Give pure humanity and see what happens

La'Porsha singing Diamonds
A single mom trying to break free from her situation.


While icing my calf yesterday afternoon, i watched the American Idol recording from the night before. Contestant La’Porsha disrupted the show with a stunning performance.

When judge Keith Urban finally got to speak he referenced a beautiful quote:

“I judge myself not on what i have but what I am willing to give.” What you just gave was pure humanity. It was beautiful.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kelly Clarkson brought everyone to tears three songs later.

PS. Couldn’t find the quote’s (the Keith referenced) author.

PSS. i cried during both songs.





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Blessed Beyond Measure?

A ten word post to inspire and challenge you

Top right, the fill dirt from today’s Mid Life Celebration’s blog post

pebble junction

Perfectly imperfect we are. Broken and beautiful. Blessed beyond measure.

Insight: Be comfortable with people not making the connection to the connections you make – those purposeful yet often unseen or imperceptible.

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One Question A Day?


Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped in it yourself. – Winston Churchill

No one, repeat, absolutely no one will be more inspired about your vision than you.

What if Jesus had said, “We need a volunteer to die for our salvation”?

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