Thank you for your email Donna

Daisy in Finland country side
Purity, simplicity, art.


Received an inspiring email from someone who knows the story of the Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger from the beginning. Praying there will be time and energy to write a post to share what it accomplished.

Photo: Daisy from Lahti, Finland hillside at the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships.

Why does this matter?

Because stories help us make sense of an otherwise boring and uninspiring plethora of insignificant details.

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Faith The Dog

Our Son's T-Shirt
Our Son's T-Shirt

Reading an email from my step-mom a while back, I was almost brought to tears by this compelling story of “Faith“, hope and love.

Faith” is a dog.

Faith has two legs, not four. Faith was given away by her first owner. And putting Faith to sleep was considered. I mean, this little puppy was born with three legs and one of them was amputated.

Click here to go to “Faith’s” website to learn more.

Faith is alive and well.