Prayers Please

Thank you for your email Donna

Daisy in Finland country side
Purity, simplicity, art.


Received an inspiring email from someone who knows the story of the Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger from the beginning. Praying there will be time and energy to write a post to share what it accomplished.

Photo: Daisy from Lahti, Finland hillside at the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships.

Why does this matter?

Because stories help us make sense of an otherwise boring and uninspiring plethora of insignificant details.

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This Might Change Your Life

Faith The Dog

Our Son's T-Shirt
Our Son's T-Shirt

Reading an email from my step-mom a while back, I was almost brought to tears by this compelling story of “Faith“, hope and love.

Faith” is a dog.

Faith has two legs, not four. Faith was given away by her first owner. And putting Faith to sleep was considered. I mean, this little puppy was born with three legs and one of them was amputated.

Click here to go to “Faith’s” website to learn more.

Faith is alive and well.