Dear Son

A bug’s life was not a Disney Pixar movie

Catching a bug in a house
Yesterday morning 7:30am


Releasing a bug from inside


Releasing a bug outside


A bug’s life was not a Disney Pixar movie.

Well, it is, but it wasn’t yesterday morning.

Wasp flying around light above kitchen sink. Meant to free it before leaving for school and our son was grateful for the compassion.

Making breakfast and forgot, until i was remind upon returning home.

Character is what we do when no one is looking, which is most of the time.

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Let our walking be our preaching

Chris Brogan speaking at Authority Rainmaker 2015
Day one closing keynote speaker, Chris Brogan, three days ago.


Chris Brigan and Disney speaker jeff noel at Authority Rainmaker
Chris Brogan and jeff noel two days ago.


Let our walking be our preaching.

All day.


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Prayers Please

Your secret is safe with yourself

Apple Watch photo mural at Apple Store
Yesterday at Apple Store


Who’s got time to pray every morning, with so many competing priorities?

Plus, no one will ever know if we do or if we don’t.

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This may be the most important mantra ever

Disney Executive Speakers


(Photo: Our actions are the truest reflection of our values.)

This may be the most important mantra ever. It may also be the most impossible:

Live your life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.

PS. Impossible is nothing.

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Please don't tell me

Are we victims of the rules we live by?

Enormous dictionary in Church library
Good thing this is a dictionary and not a rule book. Geez, could you imagine?


Are we victims of the rules we live by?

What if the rules we follow we hand-pick from a good list, and we intentionally leave the difficult rules off our personalized list.

Will this eventually catch up with us and choke our integrity?

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