The Crazy Wicked Cool Thing About Being The Internet’s Only Five A Day Blogger Is How Humbly It Began

The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger, jeff noel would also like everyone to know this too, the harder you work, the luckier you get. Boomers, if jeff has to explain this one to you, you better start paddling. Next Blog

Dear Son, This Is How It Works

Dear Son, life is pretty straight forward. It will be hard, fun, exciting, tempting, fulfilling, heavy, and if we’re lucky, long. You will work most of you life. In ‘the old days’, most people got a job with a company that took care of them – regular work for regular pay, benefits, opportunity, etc. The […]

Coincidence Perhaps?

Perhaps, all our “good fortune” can be summed up by his quote I found, tucked away in a folder from 2004. “Coincidence is a small miracle which God wishes to remain anonymous.” — unknown Ya with me? PS. Assertiveness is a trait. Arrogance a burden.