You are so easy to recognize

  Whether you are authentic or not (and we all think we are) God easily recognizes you. How do you define authenticity? How do others define it? We judge others by their actions, while we judge ourselves on our intentions. Intentions aren’t recognized in the iPhone X scan. Intentions aren’t recognized in real life either. […]

Happy Hour Is An App

Our lives have been irrevocably changed since the advent of _______. Fill in the blank, but don’t forget the less obvious choices: Fire Bow & Arrow Boat Wheel Paper Bridge Toothbrush Happy Hour Our Pastor was telling a story yesterday about a fellow Priest who worked until he was 86. This Pastor friend had two […]

Today’s Letter (Part 2)

Just a quick note. The You Tube music video in the post below plays on our Mac Book and Toshiba laptop, but not on our iPhone or iPad. In trying multiple ways to get you one click to hear/see it. nothing worked. You Tube. Ty Herndon. Living In A Moment. Probably not worth your time… […]