The Most Important Work A Baby Boomer Can Do Is Set The Example For What Common Sense Values Look Like In Action

The most important work a Baby Boomer can do is set the example for what common sense values look like in action. After writing this Mid Life Celebration blog post title, jeff noel realized there is no dialogue necessary to support it’s meaning. Go. Next Blog

What Would It Take To Awaken From A Deep Slumber?

In dreaming big, and filled with God’s Holy Spirit, jeff noel prayed for understanding and direction from the vision his teacher shared in yesterday’s post. Would it be possible to be so full of God’s Holy Spirit that while “doing a reading”, it was God’s voice, not his own, that would cause Parishioners to stop […]

jeff noel Had A Mini Epiphany While Lectoring At Church On Sunday

The Catholic Church uses volunteers to conduct Mass. So jeff noel volunteers his public speaking experience, as a Catholic Lector. Typically, The Old Testament and The New Testament passages are read by laypeople and the Priest or Deacon reads The Gospel. Baptized Lutheran and converted to Catholicism (1999 at age 40), jeff noel quickly saw […]