Could This Be The Real Reason We Take So Many Blessings For Granted?

I don’t know why we fail to count our blessings more often. Maybe it’s not cool enough. This is why following life’s Herd robs us of our courage to follow the path less traveled.

The path less traveled is where the greatest rewards are. Rewards like peace of mind. We know this yet we choose otherwise.

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If I Could Save Time In A Bottle…

With the passage of each July 25th, Randy Pausch’s untimely death will remind us that life is a gift, even though we should need no reminding. And living out our childhood dreams helps our children:

Jim Croce, the singer of Time In A Bottle is the Father in this video. He also died too soon. Lord, help me to live each day fully. In doing so, should you need me sooner than expected, it’ll be okay.

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Randy Pausch, Hope You Are Looking Down On The World And Smiling At The Positive Impact You Made

Dear Randy, as weird as this may sound coming from a grown man (me), who appears at the moment to be talking to a man no longer here (you), please know that I miss your energy and love on our planet.

Well, um, actually, your energy and love is still here. There are those among us who are grateful at the timing or the content (or both) of your message. For me it was the timing. And we are keeping your timeless message alive.

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How Many Blessings Could You Count In One Hour If You Gave It Some Thought?

It was so hot and humid yesterday during the run because the run began late. My fault for sleeping in until 7am. Was up late working on my business websites.

The blessings came from a good night’s sleep, the time to exercise, the will to exercise, and simply from having legs to run. Oh, and from owning an entrepreneurial business.

I could go on and on and on….

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