It Was Just A Test

Deep In Thought...
Deep In Thought...

It was just a test.

A test we’d all like to pass, but none of us would want to take.

One must voluntarily die, so the other may live.

This is the epitome of kindness.

No matter what you believe about Jesus, none of us can deny that history has documented His death on the cross.

Heretic? Prophet? Son of God? Wise sage?

Was it just a test?

Ash Wednesday And Lent

The Road To Easter
The Road To Easter

Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Happens year after year around this time.

How many of us forgot?

How many of us didn’t forget, but were simply “going through the motions”?

Easter is the most important day in the life of a Christian.

Christmas is critical, but loses all meaning without Easter.

You have thought of that, right?