How Can You Tell?

What’s our obligation to live up to our reputation?

Best steak you'll ever eat in Miamni
One of the best steaks any of us have ever eaten – it lived up to it’s reputation (don’t we all)


Just last night, overheard a 60-year old at a nearby restaurant table talking about going to Mass everyday, and as if those that don’t, aren’t real believers.

Interest duly peaked. Ears listening in and out of his conversation, and the one at our table.

As he had a few more drinks, he began talking like a pirate, cursing, bad mouthing – yet having a glorious time.

No judging, yet surely taking notice and contemplating it all.

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Insidious temptations and our own inadequacy

think books
And not only that, paid to inspire others to think


The trouble with our thinking about love and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude is the insidious temptation to judge others (as a distraction from our own inadequacy).

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Prayers Please

So challenging not to judge others isn’t it?

headlights in our rearview mirror
We were both parked for 15 minutes waiting for our children to finish Youth Ministry (I put the sun shade on the back window)


So challenging not to judge others isn’t it? But that’s the goal, to not judge.

Even when it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean we are failing, it means we are trying harder than we ever have. Take solace in that. And keep winning the battle over judging.

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