Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse

So easy to believe in Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse, isn’t it? Most American Baby Boomers have grown up loving Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and everything The Disney Company stands for. Midlife Celebration’s jeff noel works desperately hard to love Faith, Hope and Love, God and Jesus disproportionately more. Next Blog


The joy of having two Guest bloggers this week pales in comparison to the pain of the Haiti earthquake victims. Last night, after my son and I walked Carter, we hurriedly returned to our house. Told our son we needed to watch the evening news at 6:30PM. Our lifestyle doesn’t make much time to watch […]

Courage To Do What’s Needed

Thank you Mary and to you too, Joseph, for your courage to do what was needed. Rejoice. Peace on Earth, good will toward men. Emmanuel. Prince of Peace. And the list goes on and on. But does my courage?