Audacious Authenticity The Z

Audacious. Authentic. Audacious authenticity. How’s that work for you? It works really well on my end. As a goal, I mean – audacious authenticity. Being boldly authentic. Not conforming to status quo, but rather, conforming to faith, hope and love. Heard the song the other day by Kirk Franklin, or maybe it was Mary Mary, […]

Citizen Soldier

Not talking about the Three Doors Down rock song Citizen Soldier, or our Country’s National Guard, for whom the song is dedicated. Talking about all the active duty men and women military personnel I’ve seen this week. Orlando to Atlanta, Atlanta to Columbia, Columbia to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Dallas. Decided, in the spirit of […]

To Think is to Learn twice

Thinking is one of the hardest things to do, which is why many people spend so little time doing it. I’m not talking about routine thinking, like what to pick up at the grocery store. Thinking, as in deep thinking. Self-reflection thinking. Contemplation. Self-examination. Questioning. Challenging thinking. Painful thinking. Honest thinking. Uncomfortable thinking. Spiritual thinking. […]

To Teach Is To Learn Twice

“To teach is to learn twice”. — unknown Make it a great day. It’s up to you. Discover a way to teach someone how you give thanks. Teach someone why you give thanks. Maybe this will help them to be more thankful. And guess what? You’ll learn more about why and how you do it […]

Will Passion Transform You?

Will it? Can it? Should it? Is it worth it? Is it worth it to you? Is it worth it to others? Does it make a difference? Does it even matter? Wouldn’t it be easier to live quietly, to live simply. Humbly? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m going to offer you the opportunity to jump over […]