Where’s Jesus?

Just replied to a friend’s email, declining an invitation to a men’s group Saturday night get-together. You know, it’s difficult to say no. What happens when we say no too often? People stop asking us. Unless. Unless? Yes, unless we have so much passion that it’s no longer ignorable. I challenged Duane to spend just […]

Courage To Do What’s Needed

Thank you Mary and to you too, Joseph, for your courage to do what was needed. Rejoice. Peace on Earth, good will toward men. Emmanuel. Prince of Peace. And the list goes on and on. But does my courage?


That’s all we can do really, isn’t it? Try. Seems simple enough. Just try. Try to do what? Try to do your best. To be a good and decent person, using a moral compass as our guide. jeff noel.org is one of the ways I try to practice what I preach. But you already knew […]

I Miss Randy Pausch

I miss Randy Pausch. Why? Because he inspired me, and countless others, to rethink the way we live our daily lives. His battle with Pancreatic cancer ended one year ago today. He was 47 when he said goodbye to his wife and three children, all under six years old. He was fully aware he was […]