jeff noel Lector

jeff noel Lector. Doing the first reading this morning at Mass. May God’s Holy Spirit fill me with the wisdom to read in such a way, that the parishioners will feel like God is speaking to them and not me. Blessed beyond measure we are. Aren’t we?

Volunteering – Involving Your Family?

Yesterday a fellow public speaker asked an excellent question. By the way, great professional speakers ask great questions. “What about volunteering with your family”? It was not clear in yesterday’s post, so here it is now. All our volunteer efforts start with, “Can we do this as a Family”? Not only is being visible important […]

Volunteering Is A Lifestyle

Didn’t consciously think about this until our son was born in 2000. In studying human nature, I concluded there were several choices: Volunteering for things that take you away from your Family Volunteering for things that do not take you away from your Family Volunteering for a little of both Not volunteering This morning, I’m […]