This Might Change Your Life

A promise is a promise, so be sure to do this throughout our lifetimes

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Rain or shine, home or away (like Seattle here), 5-a-day blogging


A promise is a promise, we can be sure of this throughout our lifetimes.

Make them sparingly.

At some point we may find ourselves having made a promise without ever intending to, nor even realizing it.

Like writing five daily, differently-themed blogs…

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Prayers Please

Pray For The Moment And The Lifetime

Would you take the nails from his hand?

It takes a single moment to become a Christian, an entire lifetime to become like Christ.

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It Takes A Lifetime

Walking In His Shadow
Walking In His Shadow

It only takes a moment to become a Christian.

It takes a lifetime to become like Christ.

Small Surrenders Make

Peace, the Fruit of Small Surrenders
Peace, the Fruit of Small Surrenders

“Small surrenders make up a stained glass mosaic.” — unknown

As you read this, on this day (Sunday), what comes to mind for you?

There are many possible directions and interpretations.

It reminds me, at first glance, the daily surrender necessary to overcome addiction.

One day at a time.

A small surrender to desire.

And sometimes in one day, there are many small surrenders.

And then tomorrow, begin again.

Repeat until death.