This Might Change Your Life

Church, school, and Disney within walking distance?

Tattoo and Disneyland handbag
Yesterday while on a High School tour.


Thinking about a new Church.

Why even think about leaving Holy Family Catholic Church?

It’s 20 minutes each way. Been doing that once or twice a week for 16 years.

What if our Church (choice between Baptist or non-denominational) was next to our subdivision, or between home and High School?

Those are two options i want to explore.

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How Can You Tell?

What do Palm Sunday and South Lake Tahoe have in common

Short, pithy Church message
Love here, there, and everywhere – location is unimportant


What do Palm Sunday and South Lake Tahoe have in common?

What does our location ever have to do with our spirit?

Spending Palm Sunday on two Delta flights and a long shuttle from Reno airport to South Lake Tahoe.

Does our spirit need a GPS?

Do we know which way is “true north” no matter our location?

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The great summer of 2012

Tell me again where Heaven is

heaven is at our feet and our fingertips....all day, everyday

Where is Heaven? If you are in midlife, you ought to have this figured out.

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