God Will Never Ever Abandon Us. Never. Ever.

Sometimes the truth is a little fuzzy. usually because we’re too stinking busy to focus.

God will never ever abandon us. He doesn’t know how. The same way a loving Parent doesn’t know how to abandon their child.

Insight: Faith has no solid, rational explanation and will always remain a mystery that we either accept graciously, or ignore.

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What Loving Father Would Bring His Son Into The World, Knowing He Would Have To Make A Supreme Sacrifice?

Fear Is Real. Some Fear Is Minor And Some Supremely Scary. Some, Make Believe.

It’s easy, this time of year, with the parades, presents, TV specials, bowl games and parties, to remember deep down at the core of our existence is a heavenly spirit that was set free commemorated with the birth of a little boy. What I find truly frightening, is the thought of taking this for granted.

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