Spiritual envy

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Spiritual envy is something that is easy to have.

Look at people who appear to walk in peace and contentment.

How do they do it?

How do we do it?

Perhaps a second tale for another time. Back to today’s story.

Eventually, Cheryl received a Massage Envy (ME) refund check for the full amount she had been inappropriately (bottomline, illegally) charged.

ME could find no record of Cheryl signing any contract.

The only proof i had? Nothing but Cheryl’s word. i trust her. But Massage Envy would not accept my “zero-proof”. There was no document, no email, no paper or digital record to say her visit was a one and done “gift card purchase” experience.

Classic my word versus Massage Envy’s word.

Guess who ME went with?

Yep, ME (Massage Envy).

Most people hate liars – in this case i was being called a liar (because there was no refund for Cheryl) when in reality, ME was lying.

Eventually, because i would not accept being called a liar, ME admitted they had no record of Cheryl signing a contract. No forms, no nothing. They had nothing remotely suggesting Cheryl wanted a monthly contract with automatic $60 monthly payments.

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