Reliable spiritual mediocrity

Disney Customer Service Speaker jeff noel


Disneyland's Carnation Cafe


Disneyland's Main Street Burger


Reliable spiritual mediocrity.

Do what the herd does and shoot for customer satisfaction. Or use exceptional focus and discipline to exceed every expectation at every touch point.

Disney over manages things most ignore or completely under manage.

It’s like an enlightening spiritual experience the way Disney creates such a consistently fantastic Guest experience.

Like drilling down to the insignificant detail of having a “Main Street Burger” on the menu, on Main Street, USA.

How can you visit Main Street and not have one?

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Only the mediocre are at their best everyday

jeff noel has said this for years in his bio, “Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity”.


There’s a common sense notion that we change nothing until we change ourselves.

Deep down inside, we know this.

But what if we fail?

Well, we surely fail if we do nothing or do it half-baked.

Here’s to you. Today is your day. Expect an opportunity where you normally wouldn’t.

Photo: Yesterday. Is Hugh MacLeod, Gapingvoid founder, quietly following Mid Life Celebration’s five daily blogs?

If he’s smart.

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