It’s Christmas Eve…

Someday Cancer Will Be "History"
Someday Cancer Will Be "History"

Received this email yesterday. This type of email arrives far too often, and I share only a fraction of them here….it’s Christmas Eve…

Dear Men of Holy Family,

I received bad news today that my wife Diana’s breast cancer has returned and the prognosis wasn’t very good. I’m told that when breast cancer returns to another part of the body it is not curable, so we can now only try to control it. She is scheduled to undergo chemotherapy again Wednesday morning in an attempt to lessen the pain and reduce the tumor. If she responds well to this treatment, then we can hope for a few more good years for her. If not, then time is not on our side. Please pray for Diana. Thank you for all of the support you have all given me and Diana during this difficult time.

Don Duncanson

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